Suzie’s Lake Trail Complex

You may have hiked Evil Birch, even cycled the Whopper Dropper. But what about in between? Well, those exist, albeit in need of a little attention. I like to call them part of the Suzie’s Lake Trail Complex, as Suzie’s Lake becomes the focal point of these inter-connected trails.

The Connector Trails

The above image can be considered the “Connector Trails”, putting together the Whopper Dropper and Evil Birch trails.  “Lemon Toddle” in yellow, “Watermelon Crawl” in pink, and the “Deer Trail” in green.  The latter can be discovered at the corner of Lacewood Drive and Highway 102. Other hiking trails have been catalogued since a project created by the Centre of Geographic Studies (called Mountain Biking Trails).  Those files can be found below.

I intentionally left these as separate documents.  Your favourite map software can be used (I prefer Google Earth) to overlay them.  Given the redevelopment of Bayers Lake Business Park, both files will become inaccurate in about a year.  Once the new property lines are well-defined, I will come back with a new (and combined) track file.

Mountain Biking Trails
The Supplemental Trails (Companion Document)

Will provide GPSies data shortly, once I have gotten used to their site.  Cheers.

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