GPSies – Web site for sharing GPS tracks

Here is some info on a great GPS track sharing and conversion web site that is free to use.

“ is a free outdoor track community with worldwide about 1.000.000 trekking, running, walking, cycling, mountainbiking, skating, sailing (and more activities) tracks.”

“GPSies allows you to upload, convert, view and download tracks which have been recorded by a GPS device. Tracks are visible on a map(as in Google earth) and similar options are also available on the site (zoom, satellite or map mode etc.). The tracks are classified based on the mode of transport (by foot, bike, motor and others). Uploaded tracks can be changed by entering the original user id used to create it.”

One of the the cool things about this site is that you can download the tracks to your GPS device and search other tracks shared by other users.

In addition, converting is possible for many different formats such as GPX GPS and others
Google Earth, OVL and more without installing additional software and cornverters.

For those who have no GPS receiver or track and want to plan routes with the Editor you can create your own tracks on the map in the browser and save them on the Web site. These tracks can then be transferred later to a GPS receiver or another software and the route be followed or recovered at a later time.

All this without required registration, or annoying advertising – completely free!

The ability to create files manually using Google Maps is excellent. There are a couple of sites that do things like this, but none that allow so many output formats.

 GPSies - Tracks for Vagabonds  Link to WebSite

GPSsies also has mobile applications for iPad, iPhone, Android etc.

GPSies+ iPhone AppGPSies Android


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