White Lake Wilderness Ridge Trail – Half Loop

The White Lake Wilderness Ridge Trail is located in Musquodoboit Nova Scotia and runs parallel to the old railway track. The trail forms a loop that returns along the rail trail to the parking lot / trail head for a 19km hike. (Also Known as the granite ridge trail.)

The info shown here is for a hike of half the trail retuning along the rail trail at the halfway point for a total of 19km.

Trail head is at the Musquodoboit Trailway North ( Gibraltar Rock Loop trail – 1.1km). Follow the Gibraltar Rock Loop trail upward for 1.3km and then onto the North Granite Ridge trail for another 9.4km and return on the rail trail another 7.5km.  The trail winds its way along the granite ridge, traversing areas of old growth hemlock, ascending a number of lookoffs of the Musquodoboit River Valley and Granite uplands descend to the Musquodoboit Trailway and then return to the Gibraltar parking lot, a total distance of over 19km.

These are challenging trails with punishing climbs but with spectacular rewards to those who chose to make the effort.

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