Shubie Park – Dartmouth Nova Scotia

Shubie Park – This is a great trail for hiking, walking, running and biking. The trail can be used for a short 15 minute walk or a 2 hour bike ride and covers a lot of different terrain and passes by several lakes and connects to other trails. With plenty of parking at the Fairbanks Centre parking lot it is a great meeting / starting point for groups and individuals to coordinate from. See below for more info, maps and pictures.


Shubie Park

Shubie Park


Shubie Park is a 40-acre (160,000 m2) urban park in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia maintained by the Halifax Regional Municipality.

Heavily forested, Shubie Park is roughly linear in shape as it is bounded on the north and west by Highway 118 expressway and on the south and east by Lake Micmac and the southern edge of Lake Charles. A portion of the abandoned Shubenacadie Canal passes through the park, from which the park takes its name.

Shubie Park contains trails and an interpretive area called the Fairbanks Centre next to the canal at the location of a series of locks between Lake Micmac and Lake Charles. The Fairbanks Centre features a scale model of canal lock mechanisms and various displays.

The wooded trails of the Shubie Canal Park follow a remaining section of the canal and connects to the Trans-Canada Trail, on the way to Fall River as you pass the park boundry after Lake Charles.  In the other direction it also connects to the Graham’s Grove Park and continues toward downtown Dartmouth via Sullivans Pond Park.

Directions – From Dartmouth, follow Braemar Drive / Waverley Road north and turn left onto Locks Road to reach the Fairbanks Centre parking lot. To reach the campground parking lot, continue north and turn left on John Brenton drive.

Camping Area – Web Link for Shubie Camping area.

Shubie Park Hike – 28th February 2010

Today we hiked up to Lake Charles and back to mic mac parking area on the shubie park trail.

Shubie park trail - Feb 2010

Shubie park trail – Feb 2010

Chicadee feeds from hand

Chicadee feeds from hikers hand

It was a mild day for February and during our walk along the lake there were many Chicadees in the woods and some were brave enough to land on Jim’s out stretched hand for food.

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